Friday, September 11, 2009

Fauna tees

A print stylish enough to grace anyone's tshirt, I think... boys, girls and grown ups alike, it works! It seems to be becoming almost standard for beautiful things to be 100% organic cotton... and these silk screened shirts are no exception. Hooray! Along with the amazingly detailed gorilla print, you can also choose from rabbits, seahorses, puppies and pigeons... a slightly strange animal selection but they are beautiful to look at.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stylish oil cloths? Really?

Yes! Seriously... these oil cloths will protect your precious tabletops and won't ruin your decor. Well, perhaps you should judge for yourself... I like them anyway and these two are favourites of mine. Our new house needs a bit of work in the kitchen so perhaps these might jazz things up as an interim measure. I bet the black and white one would be great for grabbing the attention of the teeny tiny newborns. Take a look at the Strawberry and Cream site for lots more interesting finds... and not just for the babies either!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wing boots!

Oh yes... These are as awesome as they look. Magic boots! Enough to make me wish I was little again so I could wear them myself. Difficult to decide which colour to get... would both be excessive? Cleverly they have velcro fastenings at the side to make them super easy to get on. If being the focus of envious looks from your parent and baby group is a motivation to you these boots from Chickpea Kid are sure to do the trick.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Constructive eating utensils set

I have some experience of having a fussy eater child... she seems to be improving now but for a while there was a lot of coaxing going on during meal times. I found it so difficult to maintain my sunny disposition when every lovingly prepared dish would be rejected with a little shake of the head... sometimes without it even being tasted! Aaaaargh! It's programmed in me now to perk up when I spot some device that might make meal times easier. These construction styled utensils caught my eye the other day... pretty appealing I think. I'm even tempted to use them myself....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Candela Luau night light

I think this just might be the ultimate in night lights... cordless, whimsical shape, portable... perfect! It even has a dimmer switch! Buuuut... it has an imperfect price tag... coming in at way over $300 this is not cheap. So, lets put this in the luxury-gifts-from-generous-doting-grandparents pile, huh? It's stocked on the excellent Where Did You Get That site... definitely worth a look.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Flirty Bird hair accessories

On the look out for the ultimate baby hair clips? Me too! I'm quite into hair accessories generally and so tend to make a bee line for the cute hair clips when I go in to baby shops... general conclusions? There is a lot of pink out there... most things I come across are a bit same-y and uninspiring. But not these gorgeous ones from Australian store, Flirty Bird... also, I love the name! The patterns are bright and cheerful featuring apples, cupcakes, cherries and tonnes more. Check them out...