Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter weekend shoe special

I'm currently packing for the Easter break (well, supposed to be packing anyway)... and I decided to do a monster sized post to cover the next few days while I'm away. Also... I have a bit of an obsession with shoes anyway so it was only a matter of time before I started buying for two. So to begin, the Heidi red leather shoes (above) are handmade and good enough for me to wish they came in grown-up sizes (although I feel that way about all of them). Next we have the gold mary jane peep toe sandals from See Kai Run. These guys have such a huge range that it's hard to narrow your choice down to just one pair. The blue Veja sneakers are super tempting as I wear Vejas myself... like mummy like daughter. They are an excellent choice for the ethical shopper as they are fairtrade products, oh and organic, bonus! Or, how about some funky red hightops... super cute for boys or girls I think. Etsy seller TinyWhales makes these lovely wool and tartan baby boots... perfect for keeping a non-mobile baby nice and warm. Vincent make famously good children's shoes and have buckets of styles and colours to choose from. These little leather sandals are my pick as a good option for a little one ready to take first steps. The final shoes on the list are a fun pair of wooly moccasins from the ultra hip Kido store... if you're a big design fan this shop is the place for you. They sell gorgeous things and ship from Australia.

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