Sunday, June 7, 2009

Multifunction urban Taga trike and stroller in one

Finally! I've arrived in England! Flying alone with a baby is far from fun but it could have been worse. My daughter entertained our fellow travellers with giggles and clapping during our 24 hour flight...

So now I've had a chance to look around... naturally this place is FULL of amazing baby and child focused things... pretty much every store carries a baby line of some kind. One of the best things I've seen so far is this stroller cycle from Taga. This version was just launched at the Design Museum in London the other day... it can carry you and up to two children plus shopping. This clever number is a trike that converts to a stroller with just a few twists... if you're still feeling unimpressed then consider this - you could ride into town on a strudy trike with the wee one in front of you instead of using a wobbly bike with your child strapped behind you out of sight. When you reach the library or the park you switch mode and push the stroller around. Extra cool features include a brake (such an obviously useful addition), wet weather covers and tilting seats so your little one can sleep on the go. I want one!

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