Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue Fields Locket

Check out this pretty locket. Maybe you're thinking... this isn't for children... and you'd be right. I thought I'd share a good child-related gift tip with you. Last Christmas I made some lockets for the new grandmothers with miniature pictures of my daughter in them. Jewellery making is super easy these days and I'm not even particularly crafty. You don't need any tools... I picked up a couple of vintage ball brass lockets from and then bought the chain and loops from a local craft store. All I had to do was twist everything together and it was done. You can jazz it up with some beads and ribbon if you like. If you're struggling to get good quality, mini pictures for this, get an index or proof sheet done of the pictures you want - each picture will be very small and perfect for using in the locket. And if you don't feel up to making one you can buy one ready made from Pretty Peonies... easy! The grandmothers love them.

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