Monday, May 4, 2009

Stylish portable cots?

We went on a trip last Easter and I splashed out on one of those plastic and mesh portacots for my daughter, but I really wish I hadn't as it's proven to be heavy and fairly ugly. On top of that each of her grandparents have bought one for when we visit. So she has three! They are portable cots... but as you may already know, they tend to take up a lot of room (even folded) and aren't all that portable.

So make way for a super attractive range of cardboard cots. These are durable, safe and eco friendly (being made from recycled materials). Cardboard seems to be the medium of choice for a lot of designers at present... and plenty of people are using these as their main cot, not just a temporary travel bed. The cots are solid and come with a mattress and best of all this stylish number folds away when you no longer need it. They are designed to be at bed height which would be great during those early days when you have to do a million night time feeds (well, that's what it feels like).

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