Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moulin Roty collection

I'm teasing you here... it's cruel to post about this amazing store as it doesn't seem to be available outside of Europe... annoying! But I can't help myself... these pieces are really sweet and next week I'm off to the UK, so with one eye on my spare suitcase I'm looking slightly further afield at the moment. This is a hugely attractive range of child-sized furniture along with some excellent toys and dolls... the sort of things children go dotty for... so talk to your family and friends overseas and hint like mad for some gifts to be sent your way. I really like the shop stand (above)... although to be perfect I think I'd need to combine it with a cash register. There are beautifully detailed tool kits, tea sets and a garden range... with everything so well crafted it isn't just for play.

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