Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swiss Strolli Rider from Bibi

If you want to inspire looks of envy from other parents then read on... I saw one of these in the library today and it caused a bit of a stir... It's a trike attachment for your buggy. The trike seat is slightly offset so you can still comfortably push your buggy. It was cool... the little girl who was riding the one in town looked like she loved it. The only problem is that it might be too envy inspiring... as the buggy was being pushed through the coffee shop in the library the woman at the helm was stopped about three times by people asking where she got it... and several kids spotted it and made plaintive cries to their parents. Why doesn't everyone have one? Well... it seems stockists might be a bit thin on the ground. Amazon occasionally have some in stock and there are some UK suppliers. If anyone finds an antipodean stockist, let me know!


  1. sell in NZ

  2. Dandelion imports are no longer in business