Friday, May 22, 2009

Floral belt by Black Eyed Susie

OK... I'm officially buying things for my daughter that I secretly want to wear... look at this pretty, pretty belt! I found it on Made It... everything here is handmade and there are some absolute gems. I mentally spent about $500 in the first half hour I looked at it and had to put my trusty laptop away. I've already ordered a bespoke little playsuit from another seller Thula Thula (but more about this talented lady later). I know when you see some of the simpler handmade items on these sites you might think, "I could make that"... but, will you? I find that the prices are seriously reasonable for these lovely, often bespoke items and well worth it. I urge you to buy your baby gifts from sites like Felt, Made It, or Etsy. The bonus being that your gift won't be duplicated and it will help support these cottage industry crafty people.

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